Javascript Quiz

Csaba Kissi
by Csaba Kissi
Published: March 29, 2021

Javascript is without a doubt one of the most popular programming languages. You can do pretty much everything in JS. Web apps (VueJs, React, Angular, Svelte), Desktop apps (Electron) a well as mobile apps (React Native).

There are soo many ways you can learn Javascript. Some people prefer blog posts. Some people prefer video courses. There are so many resources out there. But if you want to prepare yourself for a job interview or just test your skills it's a different story.

Marko Denic a well-known Twitter person with over 40K followers made a nice web app where you can test your Javascript skills in a quiz. The site is named Javascript Quiz. It contains 13 Javascript-related questions from different categories. Be careful. Some of them are tricky.

console.log(1 +  "2" + "2");

The big surprise at the end. The website was created in VueJs.